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Hi! I'm Onur. I'm a Software Developer.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University.

My research involves developing object-oriented, extensible and self-contained software on

  • Composite Materials Modeling
  • Cardiovascular Mechanics
  • Solid and Geometrical Modeling

as well as CPU- and GPU-accelerated algorithms and visualization systems.

I am also the author of NURBS-Python, a pure Python object-oriented B-Spline & NURBS curve and surface evaluation library.

Decomposition of a B-Spline surface via NURBS-Python
Decomposition of a surface via NURBS-Python

I like challenging projects, no matter how hard they are. Combined with my interest on computers, I was able to work with dedicated and responsible teams on a wide range of software projects as a full-stack developer. Moreover, I've gotten the chance to combine my two majors, Materials Science and Software Engineering, under the roof of my PhD studies and I am glad for it.

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