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Hi! I'm Onur Bingol.

I am a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University.

During my PhD, I've worked in the following fields:

  • Solid and Geometrical Modeling
  • Computational Geometry
  • GPU and Parallel Computing
  • Visualization, Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Algorithm Development and Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Manufacturing and Testing
  • Robotics

Please check my LinkedIn profile for up-to-date information regarding to my work experience and education.

Also, I am the author of NURBS-Python, a self-contained, object-oriented, highly customizable, pure Python B-Spline & NURBS and geometric modeling library.

Decomposition of a B-Spline surface via NURBS-Python
Decomposition of a surface via NURBS-Python

I have shared some of my code publicly on my GitHub profile and my publications are also accessible via Google Scholar or ORCID, including the article for the NASA-funded project entitled as Automatic Incorporation of Flaws into CAD and FEA Models based on Measured NDE Data.

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