PointVector  v1.0
Header-only n-dimensional point and vector implementations for C++11
PointVector Documentation


PointVector is a header-only n-dimensional point and vector library for C++. The code is compatible with C++11 standard.

Build Instructions

geomdl::Point and geomdl::Vector classes are template classes. Therefore, no pre-compilation steps are required. Directly copy files to your project, include them in your header files and they should work.

Demo Applications

Please use CMake to build the demo applications point and vector inside src/ directory of the repository.

You may use the following command: to build the demo applications

1 make; make install


This project uses Catch Framework for implementing unit tests. All tests can be found under tests/ directory of the repository. To execute tests directly from the command prompt:

1 make test

Visual Studio users can build RUN_TESTS project to run the tests.



  • PointVector is licensed under the MIT License
  • Catch Framework is licensed under the Boost Software License v1.0